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13 Reason Why Iceland's Police Force The Best In The World

Iceland's police made headlines last December when they shot and killed a man for the first time in the history of the country. But when they're not hunting down crazed gunmen, Reykjavik Metropolitan Police post adorable pictures of their policemen and women on their Instagram.

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1. They patrol with kittens.

2. They're pretty good at selfies.

3. They know where to get the good stuff.

4. They're all about equality.

5. They save animals.

This lost puppy was found wandering around one of the neighbourhoods and picked up by a police officer.

7. They eat cheese balls for breakfast.

That's 1kg of cheese balls.

8. They patrol the streets, rain or shine or fog or blizzard.

9. They're great with kids.

10. They know how to get festive.

Also that bear is a part of the force, its name is Lúlli.

11. They're all about sports.

12. They keep donut stores in business.

13. They know how to ollie.

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