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What Are You Feeding Your Puppy With And How Often Did You Fed Him

If you are a dog owner, what does your dog usually eat? Is it the general family food or dog food?if this is your first time to own a puppy. The best food is dog food!

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If you are a dog owner, what does your dog usually eat? Is it the general family food or dog food? These are the questions you should ask yourself, most especially if this is your first time to own a puppy. The best food is dog food! Or your question is probably how much food should I feed my dog?

The puppy required a good diet for the growth and development to adult dogs. It is said that the dog can live about 12-16 years. Dog development is also very fast, the puppy can grow into adult dogs in about 6 months to one year. This growth period is very important in the life of the dog. To grow a healthy puppy, you should pay special attention to its development in the diet.

Feeding Method According To The Puppy Age

* Puppies That Were Born Less Than 8 Weeks

Puppies must wait until they are about 4 weeks, so that the mother can feed them breast milk. Otherwise, they could easily get the disease. Puppy lacking breast milk has a very negative health. But when they were born four weeks, you can give them some solid food. You can also add the solid food with water or milk, to make it smooth for them to be able to eat, since there are still very young.

* Puppies Of About 8 Weeks Old

If your puppy has been born for about eight weeks, you should be feeding them four times a day. Unlike adult dogs, puppies and adult dog dietary requirements less calories, calcium and protein. And needed to be in a correct proportion. On this point, please read the detailed description of any food you will feed your puppy. When your puppy ages more than 8 weeks, then, feeding can be reduced to twice a day feeding.

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* For A 6-Month-Old Puppies

This is the age, puppy teeth are developing, they may be some critical food. However, do not reduce their food, fed twice a day according to the kind of healthy food. If it does not eat for two days, you can consult your veterinarian.

* 1-Year-Old Puppy

A year-old puppy seems to have grown up completely, but it is not. This stage, is known as the puppy "maintenance period." Even if the dog is one year old, he is a puppy, you must continue to provide his nourishing food. Even if a puppy reaches 8 or 9 months, or even 1 year old, you should feed him twice a day.

How To Judge Whether The Feeding Amount Is Proper.

The size of each Dog appetite is not the same, at the beginning you can feed a little more, and then use the number of leftover food to determine whether the feeding amount is too much. You can slowly increase the process of feeding.

Do not change your dog's meal time at will. If you feed your dog one hour later than usual, this will disrupt the pet's time on the toilet. Water must be clean and fresh. Change water at least once a day. Dog bowls must also remain hygienic always.

Feeding dogs fresh ingredients available in the market have some disadvantages, but it is the most popular diet, that is also slowly rising, like raw meat, bones, fruits and vegetables. It is therefore recommended that you consult a veterinarian or do some online research on the most recommended diet for your puppies.

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