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Honeycomb Wireless Bluetooth – The Redefinition Of Portable Speakers You Will Definitely Fall In Love With

Bluetooth technology eliminates the use of constantly entangled wires to give excellent sound quality.

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Wireless Bluetooth Speakers – Wireless Bluetooth speaker refers to the built-in Bluetooth chip connection that replaces traditional wire-connected audio equipment. Mobile phones and other Bluetooth enabled devices are connected to achieve the purpose of convenience with improved sound quality playback.

In the field of audio, wired connections are gradually becoming history, as happened with the old school dial-up modem. Most modern portable audio systems, as well as a large number of headphones, sound panels, and receivers are now produced using the built-in wireless technologies.

Why Do We Need A Bluetooth Speaker?

With the growing popularity of intelligent devices, the way we listen to music is quietly changing. In the past, if you wanted to listen to music, you turned on some bulky audio equipment and messed around with a lot of dials and cables. Now, with a Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to music anytime, anywhere. New streaming music services have redefined the musical landscape, increasing choice and demanding a high quality audio speaker.

The Honeycomb HC-1 speaker system addresses the needs of a quality wireless audio system, especially in terms of design, simplicity, ease of use, and portability.

Portable & Compatible – The latest Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, gaming consoles, and MP3 players can connect to the Honeycomb speaker, allowing for much better sound and a greater listening experience. Also, weighing in at less than five pounds, the Honeycomb is easy to transport. The speaker works well in the office, home, or outdoor space. The long-lasting rechargeable battery offers hours of continuous playback, so whether you are giving a business presentation or throwing a party, the Honeycomb speaker can handle the job.

Stylish & Cost Effective – The Honeycomb wireless Bluetooth speaker, in relation to traditional large speaker system pricing, has a unique advantage. Imagine buying a high-quality, compact portable wireless stereo speaker system for $129. The emergence of Bluetooth speakers for our daily life has added a lot of vitality. The Honeycomb hexagonal cell speaker design is very stylish, and good at attracting attention. There is a color choice of silver with white grilles, or black with red grilles. The speaker fits well into one’s lifestyle and home environment. Finally, fashion and technology merge.

Choosing a wireless speaker system can be a complex task, with many brands, sizes and formats, not to mention the prices. It can be a true challenge for the average user. The Honeycomb speaker makes the choice easy. Now you can have a single, compact audio system that can be played inside or outdoors, with brilliant sound and good looks.

The Honeycomb Wireless Bluetooth">Bluetooth Speaker has a 40 watt Class D high efficiency stereo amplifier with DSP; Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology; dual dynamic ports; four 2" full-range speakers; 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery; and tactile control panel. The speaker uses nature's own honeycomb cell shape, representing a design philosophy of simplicity, compactness, beauty, and quality system integration. It’s an idea of big sound and deep bass from a small package. Measuring 14"(l) x 6.5"(h) x 4.5"(d), the speaker will easily fill a large room or outdoor space.

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Other Advantages Of The Bluetooth Speaker Include:

•Playback of music from aux in sources (3.5mm)

•Playback from USB drive and Micro SD/TF cards

•Power Bank function to charge mobile phones

•Long lasting battery power up to 12 hours playback

You can now enjoy music as it should be - no strings attached! Thanks to Honeycomb Sound there is now a speaker that is easy to use, sounds good, and has great style! The Honeycomb HC-1 speaker is available in silver with white trim, or black with red trim.

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