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    Trying To Prove Tony Abbott Right On Tasmanian World Heritage Listing

    Tony Abbott has claimed to the World Heritage Committee that I put areas on to the World Heritage list last year that weren’t worthy. Do you think the places below, all from areas Tony Abbott doesn't think are worthy, should be kept on the World Heritage list?

    I went camping in the Upper Florentine over the weekend to test Tony Abbott and the Liberals' words. Do you think the images below match the captions?

    Tony Abbott: "We have too much locked-up forest."

    With Phill Pullinger from Environment Tasmania who was one of the signatories of the Tasmanian forestry agreement.

    Tasmanian Liberal Senator Richard Colbeck: "Areas that have previously have been impacted by forestry operations."

    Liberal Environment Minister Greg Hunt: “They significantly detract from what is one of the great World Heritage Areas."

    Greg Hunt: "Degraded areas which should never have been included."

    Disagree with Tony Abbott and the Liberals? Send the World Heritage Committee an email and tell them today!

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