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20 Signs You're Really Not A People Person

Why won't they leave me alone?

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1. Your idols are crazy and have no empathy whatsoever. You love them for it.

Gracie Films / Via

2. Sarcasm is the only form of humor you understand.

Comedy Central / Via

3. When people get too close you want to run away.

20th Century Fox / Via

4. Cause when you hug it's always awkward and uncomfortable.

Warner Bros. / Via

5. Sometimes when people talk, you drift off and think...

Paramount Pictures / Via

6. even though you can often talk and talk and talk.

Paramount Pictures / Via

7. When you first heard about the internet, you thought, "No face to face conversations required? This is perfect for me!"

Universal Pictures / Via

8. The first thing you say when you see your best friend is, "I hate people, let's get a drink!"

HBO / Via

9. and the second thing is...

Screen Gems / Via

10. You're so proud you have a small group of friends who appreciate how hard human interaction is.

BBC / Via

11. Although you like the idea of romance...

Paramount Pictures / Via

12. and although some times you realize you're alone…

Paramount Pictures

13. when someone comes along you think:

Paramount Pictures / Via

14. cause relationships are bullshit...

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

15. and really your idea of romance is like this...

The Mark Gordon Company / Via

16. After a hard day of trying to be nice, if you get home and someone wants to talk to you, you have to restrain yourself.

Columbia Pictures / Via

17. I mean really restrain yourself.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures / Via

18. But there are those special nights when you get home and you realize...

Fox / Via

19. and that's awesome.

NBC / Via

20. Sometimes you think maybe you should change for the people you love? But then...

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