scarletprophesy Katherine Erlikh. Writer, artist, and occasional musician. Appears on several sites, being one of them. Aspires to be a crossroads demon, time-space witch, or possibly a companion to a certain child of Gallifrey.
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  • 20 Tips For Survival In The Harry Potter Universe

    Do you dream of going to Hogwarts? Still waiting for your Hogwarts letter, despite the fact that your 11th birthday was a good decade ago? Would you totally go even if it meant you had to be the weird Mary Sue-ish American Transfer Cliche? Me too, man. So, I went and scrounged about and (with a little help from a few lovely people on MyHogwarts) came up with a list of twenty easy rules that will practically guarantee that you’ll survive your seven years of wizard schooling, should you ever be fortunate enough to go there.

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