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5 Offices To Work From, For Which You May Want To Quit Your Job Today

We’ve all felt the Monday Blues, the disappointment of realizing the weekend is over. But what if your office was so cool, you run to work every day? Don’t believe us? Check out these cool offices that are so brilliant you’ll be scouring the internet for jobs right away!

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1. InstaOffice

The best part with this company is that you will find an InstaOffice in every 20 minutes radius which means you will never spend an hour honking the horn in your car. InstaOffice is one of the best co-working space providers in the country with 10 centres in Delhi, Gurgaon & Bangalore and they allow their employees to work from any space of their choice. Imagine how much fun it would be to work with the company who is providing ‘happy office spaces’ to everyone else.

2. Orix India

If work-life balance is one of your top career priorities, you cannot afford to not know about Orix India. This wholly owned subsidiary of Orix Japan has started its first consumer facing business MyChoize which let users to rent self-drive cars. They have recently moved to their new office in New Delhi which is a perfect mix of functional design and ample amount of break-out zones. Also you never know when your boss might challenge you for a Table Tennis match at their cool office space.

3.Deyor Camps

If your ideal job includes a moving office at destinations like Bhutan, Sikkim, Leh, Coorg, etc. you have found your match in this company. Deyor Camps is an adventure travel company and provide campsites at more than 600 locations. You could be the lucky person in their team who scout these hidden gems aka campsites which can be listed on the website. In case you’re curious, they are headquartered in Gurgaon.

4. DogSpot

This company allows its employees to bring their pets to work. If you dream of working from a place where your pet is also comfortable and loved by everyone around, DogSpot is your & ‘your pets’ place to be.

5. Posist Technologies

The walls at this office bring every colour to life because not a single colour has been left out at this colourful vibrant office. Not only this, but the walls also boast of some quirky posters with humorous lines and Marvel superheroes. So, if you are a Marvel fan, you should definitely keep Posist Technologies on your radar while searching for the next job.

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