19 Perfect Items For Anyone Who Really Hates Their Job

    Monday, can you not?

    1. This print that gives zero fucks about deadlines:

    2. This struggling pencil case:

    3. This hilarious card:

    4. This overwhelmed mousepad:

    5. This savage 4-in-1 stamp:

    6. This honest phone case:

    7. This perfect Monday-itis sweater:

    8. This apathetic pin:

    9. This cushion with a short attention span:

    10. These cute socks that know the best day of the week to get stuff done:

    11. This deluded notepad:

    12. This depressingly honest mug:

    13. These pencils that are calling it a day:

    14. This T-shirt that let's everyone know how much you'll be putting in:

    15. This pleading card for when a co-worker retires:

    16. These over-it earrings:

    17. This hopeful travel mug:

    18. This simple desk sign:

    19. And finally, this banner for when you finally make your great escape: