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    17 Kick-Ass Items For The Badass Ladies In Your Life

    Go get 'em girls.

    1. This motivational pillow.

    2. This awesome morse code necklace.

    3. This inspiring wall hanging.

    4. This boss phone case.

    5. This very excellent pin.

    6. These kick-ass earrings.

    7. This straightforward sweater.

    8. These epic socks.

    9. This pretty and candid mug.

    10. This rad tote.

    11. This sassy pin.

    12. These positive pencils.

    13. This empowering t-shirt.

    14. This neat soy candle.

    15. This cool sticker.

    16. This bad-ass ring.

    17. And finally, this pretty planner for all the awesome stuff you're going to do this year.

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