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14 Signs You're Not Actually An Adult

On the outside you seems like it, but on the inside you're faking it till you make it.

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1. You have no idea what your bank account number is.

At least you can remember your PIN, though.

2. Speaking of the bank, you still take the free candy that's meant for CHILDREN.

3. You regularly eat entire meals in front of the fridge.

You don't even have to dirty a dish.

4. And speaking of dirty dishes, you can't recall the last time you actually did them.

5. You think you're wardrobe is something of quality, but deep down you know it's not.

It's mostly from cheap chain retailers, with a few fancy pieces from J Crew and Nordstrom.

6. Your furniture is an odd mix of second-hand and Ikea.

Though you prefer the term "eclectic."

7. Anytime you've got a problem, your Mom is your go-to.

8. The thought of having a plant, let alone a owning a dog stresses you out.

After all you can barely take care of yourself.

9. You bum other relatives' Netflix, Hulu plus, and HBO GO accounts.

Without it you probably wouldn't have an entertainment.

10. Sometimes you have frozen yogurt, chips, and hummus for dinner.

11. However, when the mood s right you'll cook your speciality for dinner.


12. You have no idea what to do during work meetings.

Please don't ask for my input, please.

13. The only time you clean your apartment is when people are coming over.

14. While you can pay your bills, you still can't believe how expensive they are.

Student loan payments, car payment, car insurance, rental insurance, electric bill, internet wonder you're bumming HBO GO.

15. Even though you're struggling, all that matters is that you're trying, and soon you'll be a real adult!

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