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The Moment After High School, And You're Going To College

Does this happens to you also? Comment below!

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1. The beginning, 'choosing a major' state, you totally know how it feels being in this state

Unless, you already have a firm and clear decision about what will you choose! Happy for you if you feel that way :")

3. After some processes, you, in the end, will reach into one decision!


4. Then you'll tell your parents that you'll learn about that, but


It's going to be hard if your parent is not supportive enough towards you.

And they will ask you to find another major and give you suggestions.

*IMPORTANT* You might feel sad and feel that your parents is not supportive, however, keep in mind that they actually care about you and concern about your future and that's why they probably say no.

5. However, if you feel that you pick the right major, then try to convince your parents


Convince them, that that is something that you like and would love to do in your life because in the end, that's your life.

This is something that I didn't do and I stuck to learn something that doesn't really interest me, it was ok actually, but being happy in doing something is better!

6. There is a state which you'll rethink once again your decision, whether it is right or not LOL


Sometimes could cause a depression

7. And yep, you are at peace after that!


8. Finally, You're done! And you will totally ready to face everything ahead!


Even though in the middle of the process you feel that you are not in the right place, then please discuss with your parents whether you should choose another major if it's not too late or just simply go with it and also do what you want! Cheers!

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