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Science Facts That Will Blow Your Tiny Mind

When science and technology meet, amazing things happen. Take the Renault ZOE for instance: an electric supermini with a maxi personality.

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12. You can't remember being a baby because when you were a baby you didn't know that you were a baby. / Via

There's actually several reasons for this. Babies don't have any concept of "self", which means that they have no idea of what is relevant to them, or what is happening to other people. They have underdeveloped brains that aren't yet recording, and you didn't yet have the language skills to "frame" what was happening to you, so you were unable to "memorise" anything in a way that would make sense to your adult self.

14. 33% of all known dinosaurs were made up.

Getty Images/Hemera Ron Chapple studios

This includes one of your top 10 faves – the Brontosaurus. The problem was, a lot of baby dinosaurs didn't look an awful lot like their parents, so got classified as separate species. Also, Victorian explorers weren't above faking exotic dinosaur finds for fame and glory.

21. Crying in space is especially sad... / Via

...because tears can't fall from your face, as demonstrated by former ISS Commander Chris Hadfield. Thanks to the zero gravity on spaceships, they kind of just stick to your face in a really annoying blob. If that's not reason enough to cheer up, we don't know what is.

23. The moon was created when a Mars-sized object smashed into the Earth, 4.5 billion years ago.

Getty Images/iStockphoto Anson Ki

That's also why the Earth's axis is tilted. So it's thanks to an intergalactic wrecking ball that we have seasons – science is weird like that.

Want to see something else amazing that electricity can do?

View this video on YouTube

It can power the Renault ZOE: a zippy, stylish vehicle that's always ready to go.