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15 Things We All Wish Our Phone Could Do

Technology is a wonderful thing – but there's some stuff it can't do. However, with the Renault ZOE, you can get futuristic phone technology today.

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3. Project a hologram of yourself sitting in your desk.


Or on the spare seat next to you on the bus to stop a weirdo plonking themselves down. Would be useful for holding your place in a queue too.

4. Detect when you're in a boring conversation and ring itself.


Or make a distraction sound, like a kitten meowing from under the floorboards, when it sensed an overly long awkward conversational pause.

With the Renault ZOE, you don’t have to wait for the phones of the future…

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The Renault ZOE is built for intelligent motoring. Once on board, you can use your mobile, tablet, or PC to access a range of features.