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People Liked How This Teen Ended Some Weirdness With His Girlfriend And Someone Told Her To "Keep Him"

"Ur mad and I'm mad."

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This weekend, Bree shared a conversation she had with Carlos. "But I'm mad," she texted him, after he asked if they were still on for the mall.

Bree Kunihiro

"My boyfriend and I weren’t really 'mad,' because we never really get into huge arguments," Bree told BuzzFeed News.

"We’re really comfortable with each other so we do express if we’re irritated or in a not-so-great mood, then that makes the other person in the same negative mood and it can make us become irritated with each other."

After another text from Bree about their mutual madness, her boyfriend had a response that many people seemed to enjoy.

My bf and I were fighting then he says this smh I’m tired of him


"I am familiar with PEMDAS from math — it’s an order of operations to solve certain problems, which is why it made no sense at all when he said it, but that’s what made it funny," Bree said.

@d_wall1221 / Via Twitter: @d_wall1221

The "PEMDAS" joke went over well. "She thought it was pretty funny, so she totally forgot why she was mad," Carlos said.


Anyway, they went to the mall. "We did end up going to the mall the next day, and had a great time," Bree said. "No matter how mad we are over text, we can’t keep that anger when we see each other in person. It’s always fun when we’re around each other."

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