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This Teen Faked An Injury To Help Her Mom Get Out Of Something And People Can Really Relate

"YO this be my mom af!!"

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The mom confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the "daughter-has-been-injured-mowing" excuse totally worked.

Hailey Smith

The exchange goes both ways, Hailey said that her mom also devises made-up excuses to help her daughter ~remove herself~ from things, like social obligations.

"I would go out with friends and want to come home," the teen said. "I’d have her come up with an excuse or something.”

After Hailey shared photos of the mother-daughter scam on Twitter, A LOT of people related to it.

It appears that people do this...a lot.

@xhaileysmith YO this be my mom af!! She'll literally text me An be like "call me and sound like you're in trouble these people are boring"


Poor Ms. Beckford!

@sindimarku @jastantoco @xhaileysmith @itsfahima_ it's when u got me to text u in Spanish pretending to be ur mom s…


@xhaileysmith @HalieMelo ur mom that night she went out w her friend and didn't wanna b out w her:://// cmon patty

@xhaileysmith @Negroizzle My mom had me call her in a panic freaking saying i had to go to the hospital cause i cut…

Even a *mum* has apparently done this...

@xhaileysmith @asdfgh_jenny My mum got me to call her when she was in a group job interview, she suddenly turned in…

...and a dad.

@xhaileysmith My dad told me I had 3 asthma attacks this year... according to what he told his boss

@xhaileysmith this is the parent version of me asking you to help me call out of work that one time @Beanie_HatesPie

:eyes emoji:

@xhaileysmith @k_dipintoo @graceymck , the time my mom "got sick" so we could go to a different Mexican restaurant...

The mom and daughter were both pretty surprised their conversation went viral, because the scheme was nothing new for them. “We do this stuff all the time," the mom said. "This wasn’t even one of my top ten."


@linnaxle @xhaileysmith LOL. I'm glad I'm not the only one doing this 😂💀

Remy Smidt is a reporter with BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.

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