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People Reacted Like Really Mature Adults After Scientists Encountered This Dick-Shaped Creature

We don't deserve science.

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This past week scientists returned from a month-long deep-sea research trip off of eastern Australia.

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“The abyss is the largest and deepest habitat on the planet, covering half the world’s oceans and one third of Australia’s territory, but it remains the most unexplored environment on Earth," said Dr. Tim O’Hara, chief scientist of the expedition.

According to O'Hara, understanding this habitat is key to helping to preserve it: "This will assist in its conservation and management and help to protect it from the impacts of climate change, pollution and other human activity."


According to the International Business Times, this is not a sea dildo, but rather a species of worms named "Peanut worm" — so-called as they look like the small nut when they're threatened because their ~lenghty heads~ will contract.


The worms can make more worms sexually and asexually.

Safe to say, when the International Business Times tweeted this photo on Saturday, everyone online acted like totally mature adults.

Peculiar group of sea creatures found in deep Australian abyss

People love science.

@IBTimesUK Suddenly I wanna go deep sea diving


Marine biology is fascinating.

Everyone is an expert.

@IBTimesUK @ianfroeb What is this one called? Dildofilphora?

Maybe someone lost something?


Ariel better hide that thing before King Triton sees.

OK. Enough now.

@IBTimesUK What the mainstream media won't show u

Time to go.

@IBTimesUK how aussie thots are jumping in the water

See you all Down Under!

@IBTimesUK me jumping into the sea in Australia

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