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    28 Hacks To Avoid Summer Slide

    Summer is just around the corner! We've compiled 28 DIY ideas and free resources to keep learning going all summer long -- when kids least expect it. (: by Clara Galán

    1. Word jar

    2. Solar cooker

    3. Water balloon math

    4. Journaling

    5. Food masterpieces

    6. Get creative with chalk

    7. Educational online games

    8. Fossil cookies

    9. Scavenger hunt

    10. Virtual music

    11. Yoga

    12. Anatomy apron

    13. Change critters

    14. Book-themed party

    15. Balloon Rocket Car

    16. Virtual museum

    17. Write a play

    18. Create a Makerspace

    19. Mobile apps

    20. Story cubes

    21. Summer passport

    22. Write a comic strip

    23. Reading timer

    24. Pool games

    25. Solve a mystery

    26. DIY garden dolls

    27. Lego challenges

    28. Summer reading