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  • How Many Weddings Focus On The Guests As Much As The Bride And Groom?

    When Suzi and Spencer got married last month at the legendary Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, Cal., they decided they didn’t want a traditional wedding album. Instead, they hired the Brooklyn fine-art photographer Jonathan Grassi, known for his eerie imagery, to come out to the wedding and photograph the more 70-odd guests in their remarkable hotel rooms. (No two rooms at the Madonna Inn, founded by Alex Madonna in 1958, are alike.) Over the course of 72 hours, Grassi shot nearly everyone in situ, giving the guests their own star turn as well as an infinitely more personal memento of the wedding weekend. And that’s what the bride wanted — as she herself posted on Facebook after the wedding, “Instead of silver bottle stoppers and cookies, we got everyone wedding portraits by Jonathan Grassi.” © Jonathan Grassi

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