18 Dogs Who Understand Your Quarter-Life Crisis

Being in your mid-twenties is RUFF.

1. This dog also feels like he is going nowhere.

2. This pug also feels an increasing pressure to settle down.

3. This other pug is also questioning his career choices and wants to do something more “creative”.

4. This dog also hates having to practice self-control.

youtube.com / Via remeetp

5. This dog also feels crippled by indecision.

and wonders why his job can’t be eating.

6. This pug also hates being an adult and just wants his college days back.

7. This dog also feels like he is the only one heading in the wrong direction.

8. This pup also feels stuck in a rut, unable to escape.

9. This dog also feels like everyone else is doing better than him.

10. Dug is also fed up of dating and being crazy and desperate for love.

11. This puppy is also scared of failure.

youtube.com / Via remeetp

12. This bulldog also wonders if there is more to life than Netflix.

youtube.com / Via remeetp

13. This dog is also dreading her next birthday.

14. This dog also thinks it might be time to resume former hobbies.

15. This dog is also fed up of being told to have a positive attitude.

16. This dog also craves something new and exciting.

17. This dog is also having an identity crisis.

18. But this dog knows he’ll find himself again.

Just like you will.

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