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19 Small Moments Every Brit Finds Euphoric

There's nothing quite like getting a round in, and still getting change back from a tenner.

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3. When you actually have cash for the ice cream man and get yourself a 99.

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With Flake obvs.

4. When you manage to get a seat by the fire in a cosy pub.

Drink by the fire in nice country pub after nice walk #relaxed


5. Or even better, a spot in a sunny beer garden.

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6. When the train doors stop right where you've been waiting and you get to go on first and nab a seat.

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8. When you have a proper Sunday roast.

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12. And when it's the Sunday of the bank holiday weekend and you remember that you don't have to worry about work the next day.

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13. When you sit down to have a nice cup of tea and you have a treat to go with it.

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14. And when you get the biscuit dunking just right.

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19. But most importantly, when someone actually makes your cuppa just right.

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They must be The One.