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19 Small Moments Every Brit Finds Euphoric

There's nothing quite like getting a round in, and still getting change back from a tenner.

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1. When you hear an old skool garage tune come on and it reminds you of your youth.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

2. Or just whenever you hear "Return Of The Mack" and sing: "You lieeedd to maaayyyy".

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The best song of all time.

3. When you actually have cash for the ice cream man and get yourself a 99.

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With Flake obvs.

4. When you manage to get a seat by the fire in a cosy pub.

Drink by the fire in nice country pub after nice walk #relaxed

5. Or even better, a spot in a sunny beer garden.

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6. When the train doors stop right where you've been waiting and you get to go on first and nab a seat.

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7. When you have your first taste of Pimm's and it marks the beginning of summer.

8. When you have a proper Sunday roast.

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9. When you buy a round and get change back from a tenner.

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10. Or when you're in a pub and you realise that you're actually in a really nice Sam Smith's or Spoon's.


11. When it's the Friday of a bank holiday weekend.


12. And when it's the Sunday of the bank holiday weekend and you remember that you don't have to worry about work the next day.

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13. When you sit down to have a nice cup of tea and you have a treat to go with it.

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14. And when you get the biscuit dunking just right.

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15. When you're drunk at 3am and have the first bite of your cheesy chips or kebab.

16. When it's balmy out and you get to be the one to break the good news.

Remee Patel

17. In fact, whenever the sun just comes out full stop.

Remee Patel

18. When news spreads of a "heatwave".

"I heard it's going to be 22 degrees tomorrow!". "OMG let's wear our bikinis and sunbathe in the park!".
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"I heard it's going to be 22 degrees tomorrow!". "OMG let's wear our bikinis and sunbathe in the park!".

19. But most importantly, when someone actually makes your cuppa just right.

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They must be The One.