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    18 Glam AF Products For Your Home That Will Make You Say "Ooh Pretty"

    Metallics for magpies.

    1. This lustrous copper pineapple pot you can store trinkets in.

    2. These elegant hanging frames in gold.

    Prices start from £10. Get them here.

    3. This incredibly glamourous cafetière for your morning brew.

    4. This cute golden cactus tumbler and matching carafe.

    Get the tumbler for £5 here, and the carafe for £12.50.

    5. These trendy arrows you can fix on your walls.

    6. This sexy stapler that will make admin a lot more exciting.

    Get it here for £24.

    7. This elegant copper mirror for you to admire your reflection in.

    8. This charming rhino hook on which to hang your silk robe.

    9. These vintage knobs that are guaranteed to turn heads.

    10. These hanging storage units that can showcase all of your other pretty shit.

    11. This delightful assortment of shiny plant pots.

    Browse the range here. Prices start at £4.99.

    12. These tropical salad servers and teaspoons that will definitely impress your guests.

    Get the salad servers here for £26, or the dinky spoons for £18.

    13. This cool piece of geometric wall art.

    14. Or these cool stickers your can put on your wall instead.

    15. This modern and fancy candle holder.

    16. This adorable bathroom set that will brighten up your mornings.

    17. These pots of gold that will hold all of your bits and bobs.

    18. And this bronzed T-Rex plant that will liven up any dull desk.