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    21 Things That Happen On Every Girl's Weekend Away

    "Is anyone taking heels?"

    1. You'll have a WhatsApp group dedicated to your planned weekend away.

    2. And you'll keep each other updated on your packing situation.

    3. If you're traveling together, you'll always do it in style.

    4. And your accommodation will either be a nice hotel or a country retreat.

    5. Or if you're being really fancy, a SPA.

    6. After a bit of relaxing you'll go on a nice, long walk together.

    7. Where you might go and explore the countryside or local town.

    8. Someone will want to take a "quick look" in a shop and it will end up turning into a full-blown shopping spree.

    9. And one of you will mention how all of the walking you've done means you've "earned" the food and booze you're about to consume.

    10. But you won't even come closing to burning off the entire cake shop you will eat.

    11. Or the amount of prosecco.

    12. Getting ready for the evening's activities will be a group affair.

    13. And you'll take a million selfies in your room before you head out to the local bars.

    14. The next morning you'll have a fancy brunch and maybe some more booze.

    15. And of course, you tale another walk to try and rid yourselves of your hangover.

    16. Instead of going out again you'll stay in for some quality girlie time in your PJs.

    17. You'll gossip and talk about your sex lives in great detail.

    18. Not to mention your bodily functions.

    19. But most important of all, you'll have a good heart-to-heart because it's been ages since you've all been together.

    20. The final morning you'll say farewell over another delicious brunch.

    21. And you'll message each other lovely things on the train home, excited about the next planned weekend away.