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21 Things People Who Went Clubbing In Brighton In The '00s Will Just Get

RIP Event II, The Gloucester, and The Honey Club.

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2. But there are some that are still going strong today, like good ol' Casablanca.

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Live jazz music, red lighting, and a bloody sweat box, Casablanca was THE place to pull.

3. In Casa's, posing for a picture in the car upstairs was obligatory.

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4. As obligatory as the tequila shots, which were famously and dangerously, just a quid a pop.

There were more impressive things I intended to do with my life Thus my greatest achievement remains 21 tequila shots at Casablanca Brighton


6. Of course, if you were at Sussex or Brighton University, you'd have made sure that you had pre-drinks at home.

Aftershock, cheap vodka, and sometimes even Jägermeister, were the poisons of choice.

7. It wasn't out of the question however, to go to a pub in town, especially if that place was The Pav Tav.

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In Pav Tav doubles were £2.50 but literally everywhere was sticky AF.

8. But if you didn't fancy the smell of sick or your drink sticking to the table every time you put it down, The Font was also a popular choice.

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The Font, set in an an old 17th century chapel was so, so pretty, but getting served at the bar was always a nightmare.


11. If you wanted music that wasn't Top 40 or Cheese, you would probably go to Audio on the seafront.

A large outdoor bar, some fancy lighting, and some very special DJs, made it the "cool" place to go.


14. But if you wanted to party hard with one of the country's sickest sound systems, you'd go to Digital.

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And you'd dance like a maniac till 3am, always.

15. If lounging and looking cool was more your thing, you'd get yourself at table at Po Na Na.

Remee Patel

"I LOVE POO-NANNIES!!" you would yell hysterically while sliding off one of the club's leather sofas.

16. But if you wanted a really, really big night, a legendary night, there was only one place to go.

Oh honey, we miss your cheap shots, your guest DJs and your giant smoking area that enabled us all to find a random to later get off with on the dancefloor.


19. Which shouldn't have mattered that much considering that at 3am everyone would go to Buddies 24 Hour Cafe.

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20. Or, for the very brave, Market Diner for the infamous "Gutbuster" breakfast.

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A massive fry-up with a huge portion of chips that no one would ever finish.