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    19 Secrets People Who Love Dating Will Never Tell You

    You've got more dating contacts in your phone than friends.

    1. You've probably tried every dating app/site there is.

    2. And created quite the little black book of dating contacts.

    3. So you're never short of someone to contact if you're feeling a little lonely.


    4. Your friends always say they "just can't keep up with you" when you talk about your dating life.


    5. Sometimes you'll date one person at a time, sometimes you'll date several people at once.

    6. Because you know all too well that putting all of your eggs in one basket can be risky.

    7. People are always asking you patronising questions.

    8. But you really couldn't give a shit โ€“ you like doing your own thing.

    9. And you're definitely not willing to settle.

    10. Because you've dated so much you've had your fair share of disasters.

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    11. And you've also learned a few tricks along the way.


    12. Admittedly sometimes dating can be a tiresome, unfulfilling experience.


    13. And you think about just quitting it altogether.

    14. Because even though it's lots of fun, it's also confusing AF.


    15. But then you think about all of the cool experiences you've had and decide to keep ploughing on.

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    16. Before you know it, you're back in your happy place.

    17. And convincing other singletons that putting yourself out there, even though it's scary, is a whole lotta of fun most of the time.


    18. You know, however, that if the dating river runs dry, you'll be OK.

    19. Because you don't need to date to know you're a goddamn catch.


    You just like dating.

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