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How Much Of A Gossip Are You?

We won't tell anyone, promise.

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  1. 1. You walk into the the store cupboard at work and two of your colleagues are already in there. You notice they both look a bit disheveled and flustered. Do you:

    Think absolutely nothing of it, they probably got stressed trying to find the staplers. THERE ARE NEVER ENOUGH STAPLERS.
    Notice they seem a bit weird but keep it to yourself and wonder about it all day.
    Assume they’ve banged and vow to launch a full investigation.
  2. 2. Your work BFF messages you on chat - apparently David from sales and the CEO went home together after the work party last night. Do you:

    Ignore their message, you’re actually kind of busy right now.
    Ask them for more details, they tend to jump to conclusions and this is potentially libelous.
    Immediately DM other colleagues and copy and paste what your BFF wrote with the caption “WHAT THE FUCK NO FUCKING WAY”.
    Ask your BFF to meet you in the kitchen for “tea” you need to discuss ASAP.
  3. 3. You’re in the toilets minding your own business when you overhear a stranger tell their friend that they had a one night stand with Tom Hardy. Do you:

    Moan to your BFF about how life is so unfair and cry into your pillow every night for a week.
    Shrug it off as BS, it was probably a bad look-a-like.
    Butt in their conversation and ask them about it - HOW BIG IS HIS PENIS??? IS HE A GENTLE LOVER?
    Send an email to a tabloid, you’ve got an exclusive.
  4. 4. Your Mum tells you that your auntie is getting a divorce because “She and her husband don't share the same views on life anymore”. How do you interpret this?

    They don't share the same views anymore.
    They don't get along like they used to.
    One of them cheated.
    Bill wanted an open relationship and Aunt Sally was all like "No fucking way Bill".
  5. 5. Your friend tells you something and then says "do not tell anyone". What do these words mean to you?

    Do not tell a soul, even your Mum.
    Don't tell anyone that knows them or knows anyone in the situation.
    Telling your best friend is OK, they don’t count, obvs.
    Tell whoever because they didn’t say “If tell you anyone I will never speak to you again, I'm serious” with a really SERIOUS face.
  6. 6. Two people in your friendship group have been going out secretly and you just found out. Turns out you were actually the last to know. How do you react?

    You’re hurt your friends didn’t think you’d support them, you always thought they’d be great together!
    You’re upset you were the last to know, how could that be possible?
    You’re annoyed you can’t tell anyone because everyone already knows.
  7. 7. Your colleague has just come back from a meeting with HR about an incident that they witnessed in the workplace. When you ask them about it they say that they aren’t allowed to discuss it with anyone. How do you react?

    You respect that this is probably serious and that you should leave them alone.
    Ask them to give you a hint about what happened and then promise to leave them alone.
    Convince them to answer your questions through nodding or shaking their head, that doesn’t count as telling.
    Follow them around all day yelling “TELL ME” until they finally give in.
  8. 8. You've just heard someone bitching about one of their teammates and you meet said colleague in the kitchen. Do you:

    Say hello and nothing else, you're not getting involved.
    Tell them what was said, it wasn't fair and they deserve to know.
    Act cryptic and weird around them, motioning in the direction of the person who complained.
    Tell them exactly what was said, adding in lots of swearing for dramatic effect. Shit’s about get reeeeaaal!
  9. 9. Someone tells you a juicy secret, LIKE A MEGA MEGA JUICY SECRET. Which of these faces is your reaction?

  10. 10. It’s Friday night at the pub and you’ve been buying a round of drinks. When you get back to the table, you discover everyone’s been gossiping - about YOU. How do you react?

    Find out what’s going on and set the record straight.
    Be happy that you’re at the centre of such interesting gossip and give them details.
    You’re annoyed, it’s no one’s business.
    Make up new gossip so they have something else to talk about.
  11. 11. You’re walking down a quiet street and you notice two people passionately kissing each other. As you walk closer to them you realise it’s Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. What do you do?

    Stare at them gormlessy.
    Walk on, they are just humans doing human things.
    Send frantic, barely coherent messages to everyone you know.
    Take a photo and post it on social media with the caption “FINALLLLLYYYYY”.

How Much Of A Gossip Are You?

You got: Boss of the Goss

Gossip is your lifeblood and you can't keep a secret for shit. You don't really understand the meaning of "don't tell anyone" and you're known for adding a bit of extra drama to rumours to spice things up. People do love chatting to you though, because you hear it all first and anyone has the delicious deets, it's you.

Boss of the Goss
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You got: Grapevine Gossiper

Rumor has're quite the gossip! You love a good bit of gossip, especially in the workplace where it doesn't really affect your personal life. You're always in the kitchen whispering with a cup of tea in hand, and you know exactly who to go to to find out all of the latest goss!

Grapevine Gossiper
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You got: Real Talk Not Rumours

You indulge in a bit of gossip but guiltily. You'll happily listen in on some juicy goss, but you definitely won't partake in rumour spreading. God knows you have some secrets of your own..

Real Talk Not Rumours
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You got: Gossip is Garbage

You really couldn't care less about what people are gossiping about and whether it's true or not. You'd rather just get on with your own life and not worry about what's happening in others. Who needs real-life drama when you have Netflix, amirite?

Gossip is Garbage
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