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    19 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have A Work BFF

    If you want to know why Ron got fired, get yourself a work BFF.

    1. When you have a work BFF you'll always have a source of gossip.


    No more being that person who is the last to know everything. You'll have someone who will go straight to you with any news, even if it's just Janice getting her hand stuck in the printer.

    2. And you'll always have someone to save you free food in case you're in a meeting.

    Remee Patel

    Never miss free bagels again.

    3. Anything they own can be used in an emergency.

    Remee Patel

    4. Because when you're work BFFs you share pretty much everything.

    Remee Patel

    Yes, even butter.

    5. You'll always have someone to help make you look good.

    Remee Patel

    6. Or cover for you if you've done something wrong.

    Remee Patel

    7. With a work BFF you can bitch about your job until the cows come home.


    They will never tire of it the way that your other friends might.

    8. And you can waste time at work by having regular tea breaks.

    Remee Patel / Thinkstock

    Where you never actually make tea of course.

    9. Your work nemesis will automatically become their work nemesis.


    10. And you can share every tiny, crazy detail about your ridiculous work crush with them.

    Work crush won't stop flirting, omg! 😍😍😍

    11. They'll even help you strategise when it comes to getting with your work crush.


    12. But they'll also be the first person to tell you if something is a very bad idea.

    Comedy Central

    13. Work events are never boring or awkward if you have a work BFF.


    You never have to suffer through those one-on-one chats with Doris anymore.

    14. And you'll always have someone to have lunch with so you don't have to sit at your desk alone.

    20th Century Fox

    15. You can always count on a work BFF to actually help you get stuff done if you're really busy.


    16. And if you've done something well or been promoted, they'll always be the first person to tell what a good job you've done.


    17. If you've had a bad day, you'll always have a partner for the pub.

    Tabatha Leggett / BuzzFeed

    18. And if you're having a really really bad day, you'll have someone you can actually talk about it with.


    Best part of having a work BFF is someone you can cry to in the toilets.

    19. Because a work BFF knows you as both a colleague and friend, so they will always know exactly what to say to make you feel better.


    Everyone should have a work BFF.