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19 Ways Travelling Changes You Forever

The world has so much to offer, and so do you.

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1. You make friends from all over the globe, connections you will call upon in future.

Getting drunk together at your hostel is usually how it starts, but making promises to stay in touch and visit each other is usually how it ends - and you'll be surprised as to how soon you may see each other again!

2. And you get recommendations from them that inspire your future travels.

All of the amazing people you meet on your travels will have a treasure trove of fantastic recommendations for places you must visit, sights you must see, people you must meet.

3. You discover your adventurous side, since when are you going to get another opportunity to skydive in New Zealand?

4. And you now appreciate the importance of capturing every special moment.

5. Your experiences of the best of local cuisine now inspires your taste in food, not to mention your cooking.

And yes, we've all been that smug prick who says "Oh this old recipe? I learnt it from my host mother in Thailand, it's very authentic" before wowing friends with incredible home-made curry.

6. Some of your best traveling moments were the simple ones, and that's how you come to appreciate the little things.

Like having a beer under a million stars with your best mate.

7. And you realise that a friendship that survives traveling, is a pretty resilient one.

Whether a friend old or new, there's something incredible about a relationship that grows when you travel together. Things can get tough and you may well want to throttle each other at some point, but in the end you'll only really remember the adventures you shared.

8. Foods you thought were weird are no longer so weird anymore.


9. And suddenly spiders in the house don't seem that frightening.

When you've seen the mother of all spiders, suddenly your regular house spider is rather cute...

10. You appreciate how many comforts you have back home, like a private bathroom with a functioning toilet.

But that if you have to, you'll pretty much shit anywhere.

11. But you know that all you really ever need is what you can probably fit in a backpack.

When you travel, stuff just isn't important, only the places, the people, THE FOOD.

12. Because traveling can take its toll, you learn that you're tougher than you think you are.

13. Connecting with people you would never otherwise encounter gives you perspective you can't really get in your day-to-day life.

Meeting people who live vastly different lives can make you realise what you're grateful for, or help you learn to be happier with less.

14. And you discover things you could never have learned from any book or article.

Mixing with the locals and finding out their opinions, learning the local slang and just generally immersing yourself in the culture as much as you can, is when you really learn about the world.

15. And once you've been face-to-face with some incredible wildlife you have more respect for nature and its inhabitants.

Seeing is truly believing.

16. You realise your own company is pretty damn good.

If you've traveled alone at any stage, you learn that sometimes being by yourself is actually really special and empowering. It also means that you do whatever you want on your terms, and you don't have to compromise on anything!

17. And you gain confidence in knowing you can do things on your own.

When you can say "I did that on my own and I didn't die or totally embarrass myself!" you gain a new sense of independence... and pride.

18. You learn that being in the present is what's really important.

It's easier said then done staying in the present moment when you're working 9-5 everyday and all you can think about is flopping on the sofa with a pizza. But when you're faced with some of the most majestic views in the world, it's impossible not to take it all in and appreciate how incredible living in this world is.

19. And your thirst for seeing the rest of the world becomes stronger than ever.

Welcome to wanderlust.