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    19 Things Women Who Love Wine Just Get

    You live in constant fear of there not being enough wine.

    1. You're always looking for products that cater better for your wine needs.

    2. And your glass always ends far too quickly.

    Huh that didn't last long.... #julies25th #idonthaveaproblem #winoproblems #moreboozeplease

    3. Even if you're having a big glass with some fried chicken, you still feel classy AF.

    4. But when you're trying to be healthier you know it means also cutting back on wine, which is just devastating.


    5. So you promise yourself you'll just work out more instead, because you're damned if you're actually going to forgo wine o' clock.

    6. A broken cork is literally the stuff of nightmares.

    Is there ANYTHING worse than this? Why, universe, WHY?! #winoproblems

    7. But you'll try anything to get it out because you're drinking that goddamn wine.

    8. You don't have much patience for people who don't understand the correct wine:person ratio.

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    9. In fact your patience with wine in general wears thin very easily.

    10. Maybe it's because you live a life of constant fear.

    11. Or maybe it's because wine is always on your mind.

    12. People who question your relationship with wine can fuck right off.


    13. Because they don't know that it just makes the perfect accompaniment to any activity.

    14. And can make everyday things far more enjoyable.

    15. Hell, with wine you don't even need company.

    16. You're never quite sure when it's appropriate to start drinking wine.

    17. Or how much to drink...

    18. But you've come to accept who you are.

    19. You're a woman who loves her fucking wine.

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