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18 Things Every Girl Does When They're Home Alone

Walk around the house in just a T-shirt with the girls hanging free.

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3. Go to your extremely weird place...and then film it.

Me: *at home with nothing to do* Me 5 mins later:

Praise every woman who does this and shares it with the world.


4. Try to make yourself as ugly as possible...and then take a selfie.


10. Freak out every time you hear a noise.

#HomeAlone When you're home alone and you hear a noise...👀

11. Even though it's clearly just the music you're listening to.


14. Walk around the house in only a T-shirt, with the girls hanging free.

15. Try a new beauty product or practice your makeup skills.

This mask is not as adorable as the package promised.

18. And walk around wearing a blanket eating random snacks just being your true, weird self.

When you’re home alone and can finally be yourself: