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    12 TV Ads That Will Take All Brits Back To Their Childhood

    Full moon, half moon...

    1. Um Bongo, "Um Bongo Um Bongo They Drink It In The Congo", 1985 / BuzzFeed

    Yes the original advert aired before we were probably in nappies, but it's the jingle that all of us will really remember, that and the glorious taste of course. Watch the full advert here.

    2. Ian Wright, "Chicken Tonight Sizzle and Stir", 1998

    How could we forget Ian Wright's weird "Chicken Tonight" adverts? The dodgy accent for one was memorable enough BUT THE DANCING LIKE A CHICKEN??? Check out the full advert here and remember, we all have things in our past we'd rather forget.

    3. Sugar Puffs, "Honey Monster And Boyzone", 1996 / BuzzFeed

    All of the Honey Monster's TV ads were pretty memorable, but how could we ever forget when he took the stage with legendary boyband Boyzone and then became too big for his boots? Watch the full advert here.

    4. Dime Bar, "That Bloke's a Nutter", 1995

    All of the 90's Dime Bar adverts with Harry Enfield were a joy, but this one was just an absolute classic. Watch the full advert here.

    5. Reebok, "Belly's Gonna Get Ya", 2000

    This ad gave us nightmares, a new catchphrase and the sudden urge to get off our arses. Catch the full advert here โ€” if you dare.

    6. Chewits, "I like to Chewit Chewit.", 2000

    This version of Reel 2 Real's "I Like to Move It" was an absolute "CHOON" by primary school standards. Watch the full advert here.

    7. Tango, "You Know When You've Been Tango'd", 1992

    This ad was eventually pulled after kids started bitch slapping each other in the playground. Can't really get more memorable than that, can you? Watch the full advert here (just don't start bitch slapping people, yeah?)

    8. PG Tips, "The Tipps Family", 1956-2002

    The Tipps Family have been PG Tip's longest running campaign and probably the most loved. These adverts span almost 50 years, and lucky for us they were around long enough for us to have fond memories of this furry family. Watch the Xmas advert here.

    9. BN, "BN BN", 1999

    BNs may have been missing from the supermarket shelves for some years, but the advert never really left us. Watch the full version here.

    10. Wine Gums, "Set the Juice Loose!", c.1993

    A crazy advert but a memorable one, watch the full version here.

    11. Jaffa Cakes, "Full Moon", 1999

    I bet everyone did this with Jaffa Cakes

    This ad had a resurgence thanks to the solar eclipse that got all of us Brits nostalgic for the teacher we'd never forget. Watch the full advert here but make sure you have a box of Jaffa Cakes ready for nomming.

    12. Fruittella, "Too Juicy", 1990's

    This probably creeped our parents out massively, but this spoof of Right Said Fred's classic "I'm Too Sexy" was our playground JAM. Watch the full advert here and remember what little twats we were.

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