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    17 Tumblr Posts About Dads That Will Make You Smile, Laugh, And Maybe Cry

    "My dad accidentally called me dad once."

    1. This dad who's big on car safety:

    2. This mind-blowing answer to an age-old question:

    3. This patient pop:

    4. This innocent mistake:

    5. This wonderful joint birthday:

    6. This cat sticker aficionado:

    7. This pancake provider:

    8. This cool AF dad:

    9. And this even cooler one:

    10. This confusion father:

    11. This sage advice:

    12. This trip down memory lane:

    13. This punny dad:

    14. This colourful mix-up:

    15. This ultimate troll:

    16. This denial:

    17. And finally this very, very happy grandad: