25 Night Bus Problems Every Londoner Knows To Be True

    Must. Not. Fall. Asleep.

    1. After a long night, waiting for the night bus is pretty much hell on earth.

    Waiting for the nightbus @SleepyCommuters #youfellasleep

    2. When you finally get on it, your senses become immediately overwhelmed.

    I'm on a London night bus for the first time - it smells distinctly like a toilet

    Assaulted, really.

    There's something profoundly melancholy about a night bus that smells of onions and feet.

    3. Probably because of all the Chicken Cottage someone dropped on the floor once they realised their grave mistake.

    4. Or you know, THIS.

    5. If you sit downstairs, the normal people with night jobs judge the shit out of you.

    6. And standing anywhere just isn't a safe option.

    7. So you go upstairs, where you're greeted with this.

    8. Once in a while you find yourself utterly alone.

    9. That is, until someone comes and sits right next to you.

    10. It's not long before they fall asleep on you and drool on your sleeve, letting you know you've become friends.

    11. You'll strike up a conversation with someone cool until you're rudely interrupted by stranger who fancies themselves a bit of a bantersaurus.

    Night bus through London. Discussing what to have for breakfast. Some guy pipes up from back of the bus "I'll provide the sausage" Champion

    A stranger who most likely looks like this:

    12. Who will then attempt to flirt with you by asking existential questions.

    "How are you doing?" "Fine." "You should be doing fantastic." Truer words were never spoken at 3:30 a.m... #nightbusproblems

    13. So sometimes you'd rather go incognito.

    14. Because there's always someone watching.

    15. And plotting.

    16. So you have to be extra aware of your surroundings.

    It's really annoying when you fall asleep on the night bus and miss your stop so you have to try and hijack it with nothing but a kebab.

    17. Although...

    You haven't lived until you've fallen asleep on a night bus

    18. The London night bus is something you have to mentally prepare for.

    Fearing for my non London friends when they come to London and have to get a night bus

    19. Because believe it or not, it's not like how they describe it in books.

    This London Night Bus isn't all that Harry Potter suggested it would be.

    20. Although there are some similarities...

    Took the London night bus for the first time last night. I swear I saw this guy at one point

    21. When nothing happens on the night bus you feel cheated.

    Well I just got off a London night bus for the first time in my life and nothing comedic happen to me at any point. Questioning my life now.

    22. Because you secretly wanted to have beers with some new pals.

    23. You wanted to take a picture of Johnny Depp on the N29.

    24. You wanted to sing a bit of Ronan Keating.

    25. Because the London night bus is one heck of a rollercoaster ride.

    My experiences on a #NightBus 'i'm so tired, i need some chips, go away weirdo, is this my stop, i feel sick....'....

    There's really nothing else quite like it.

    Everyone knows that the best of humanity can be found on the top deck of a night bus in London. #NightBus