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24 Men Who Need To Log Off Tinder And Think About What They've Just Done

"I'd fake blindness to touch you inappropriately".

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1. Nick, who proves if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and ask for anal.

2. Michael, who tried to rearrange the alphabet and got owned.

3. Josh, the definition of a fuckboy. jk jk.

4. AJ with the "big heart" who is just looking for somebooty to love.

5. Steven, and his astounding sense of maturity.

6. Joe, who went a stretch too far.

7. Ken, who was probably arrested.

8. Andrew, who doesn't waste any time.

9. This guy and his important questions.

10. Stevie, for being criminally humble.

11. Avi, who probably needs a different app.

12. Scott, who has the royal seal of approval.


13. This literary genius.

14. Duke, who really knows how to compliment a lady the old-fashioned way.

15. Poor, lonely Gordon.

16. This guy, who prefers good bangs.

17. This poetic prince.

18. Carter, who knows love is blind.

19. Tim, who missed one tiny, but very important detail in his story.

20. Brad, who likes to follow a healthy diet.

21. Kevin, who persevered with his middle school tactics.

22. Jose, who is confused as to why his offer didn't get a response.


23. Zac, the boner machine.

24. And Daniel, who is more like Smaniel.

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