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    18 Times Women Shut Fuckboys The Fuck Down

    "What else dat mouth do?" "Complain."

    1. Fuckboys, if you play with fire you will get burned.

    2. For every creative pick-up line you have, we'll have an even better comeback.

    3. If you're prepared to go the distance, so are we.

    4. But if you're going to ask us stupid questions, be prepared to hear the truth.

    5. And the truth hurts.

    6. We'll turn your games back on you.

    7. But we'll be straight up with you, too.

    8. Sometimes we'll give you what you want.

    9. So if you have a request, don't be surprised if we meet it.

    10. We may even have some requests of our own!

    11. Of course we know you just want to check that we're compatible!

    12. But if you're going to use terrible lines, you should probably be prepared...

    13. ...prepared to handle our responses.

    14. We might ruin whatever "joke" you were trying to make.

    15. Or take the spotlight from you.

    16. So think carefully next time you open up Tinder and message one of us.

    17. Because our responses may be more than you asked for.

    18. But worst of all, they'll hurt. Bad.