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25 Times "Peep Show" Perfectly Summed Up British Life

"Nice packet of Crunchy Nut you got there."

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1. On our fear of touching:

2. On naming your own pub:

3. On how to really fuck with someone:

4. And the significance of cereal choices.

5. On taking the absolute piss:

6. On getting across London:

7. On feigning interest:

8. On giving zero fucks:

9. On the safety of the South:

10. On making do:

11. On modern romance:

12. On dealing with rejection:

13. On sticking to what you know:

14. On being socially awkward:

15. On the sanctity of the Royal Mail:

16. And jacket potatoes:

17. On New Year's Eve:

18. On ignorance being bliss:

19. On warm greetings:

20. On love lives:

21. On seeking employment:

22. On keeping fit:

23. On our unbridled cynicism:

24. On the glass being half empty:

25. On everyday life.