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21 Times Karen From "Outnumbered" Was The Funniest Kid In Britain

"But a woman can be any shape or size she wants." "What about a hexagon?"

1. When she was rightfully protective over her food:

2. And when she used it to make a point:

3. When she had little time for bullshit:

4. Even when her father was trying to comfort her:

5. When she questioned anything an adult said:

6. Because she didn't trust them one bit.

7. And she wasn't afraid to challenge them.

8. When she proved she was wise beyond her years:

9. And that you can't really fault her logic.

10. When she gave this sage piece of marriage advice:

11. When she threw shade at her American auntie:

12. Serious shade:

13. When she got inspiration from The Apprentice.

14. And when she re-enacted a scene from Hell's Kitchen:

15. When she made this fantastic argument:

16. When she raised some very important questions:

17. Because Karen is extremely perceptive.

18. And when she respected the rights of all living creatures.

19. And demanded that people respect everyone:

20. (Apart from idiots, obviously).

21. Because Karen ain't no fool.