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    19 Times Ben From "Outnumbered" Gave Absolutely Zero Fucks

    "Good Friday? It should have been called something like Ouchy Friday."

    1. When he hilariously embellished his story.

    2. Because often his sense of reality could get a little distorted.


    3. When he proved himself to be very knowledgeable.

    4. And when his logic was pretty much flawless.

    5. When he renamed Good Friday.


    6. And then raised some very important questions.

    7. All with the innocence of an angel.

    8. When he saw a French kiss for the first time and completely freaked out.

    9. Because Ben reacts badly to surprises.

    10. When he was just fucking savage.

    11. And showed an interest in the gross and morbid.

    12. When he narrated his own adventure.

    13. And when he put his grandma in quite a predicament.

    14. When he made this excellent comeback.

    15. Because Ben knew how to throw a tantrum and get away with it.

    16. When he was convinced he saw Obama on the bus.


    17. Because no one had an imagination quite like Ben.

    18. When he was a true rebel.

    19. And just always gave absolutely zero fucks.