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    25 Of The Weirdest, Funniest Moments On "8 Out Of 10 Cats"

    "Worst way to start your day?". "Dead".

    1. When we learnt how to make our very own Bill Bailey.

    2. When Jack Whitehall took the show to whole other level.

    3. And then drew Jimmy Carr like one of his French girls.

    4. When Sean Lock introduced his own version of the bucket challenge.

    5. And then perfectly summed up how most of us feel about ourselves.

    6. When Sarah Millican made a very astute observation.

    7. When Sean Lock acted out the Kama Sutra.

    8. When Jon Richardson out-snarked Jimmy Carr.

    9. When Sean made a sly dig at Jimmy Carr's personal affairs.

    10. When Jon Richardson brought on a very, very special guest.

    11. And then reached peak self-deprecation.

    12. When Sean Lock was each and every one of us.

    13. When Carol Vorderman got Jimmy moist under the collar.

    14. When Jon attempted to chat up Rachel Riley and failed spectacularly.

    15. When Rob Beckett revealed his hidden talent.

    16. When Katherine Ryan wasn't impressed.

    17. When Jon Richardson slayed Kate Middleton and the cardigan game.

    18. When Sean Lock made a very sound suggestion for Dr Who.

    19. When Jon Richardson perfectly summed up our greatest fears.

    20. When Jimmy Carr destroyed Jon Richardson for the umpteenth time and you could tell he had gone too far.

    21. When Krishnan Guru Murthy exposed Sean Lock's naïveté.

    22. When Jimmy Carr took Jack Dee's joke upon himself.

    23. When Joe was forced to improvise for the Xmas special.

    24. When Aisling Bea just SHUT. IT. DOWN.

    25. And when the panel discussed lingerie buying.

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