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This "Would You Rather" Test Will Reveal If You Love Food More Than People

Are people really better than mac 'n' cheese?

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  1. Would you rather go to a party on a Friday night or stay in by yourself and order food?

  2. Would you rather go to a boring meeting but there's doughnuts, or go to an exciting brainstorm with no food?

  3. Would you rather go on holiday with your best mate, or go on a culinary tour of Italy by yourself?

  4. Would you rather split a pizza with your crush or eat your own pizza with Netflix?

  5. Would you rather have a steamy bowl of mac 'n' cheese or a steamy night with your crush?

  6. Would you rather have your long-distance BFF fly out to see you or have your favourite dish that was taken off the menu put back on?

  7. Would you rather be taken to a show by your parents for your birthday or be given a gift card to your fave restaurant?

  8. Would you rather watch porn/a sexy movie or watch food videos?

  9. Would you rather have a hot date with a celebrity or have a celebrity chef cook dinner for you?

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