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This Model Is Being Mocked For Saying He Takes Style Tips From Homeless People

"They can put anything together and it just works," Ricki Hall told the Sunday Times.

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This is Ricki Hall, a British model.

As well as being a model, Ricki is also a stylist for ASOS and has even created his own brand of beard oil.

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In an interview with the Sunday Times, Hall said he took inspiration from children and the homeless.

210 tattoos and counting.. A life in the day of model Ricki Hall, the ultimate lumbersexual

"They can put anything together and it just works," he said.

Many people weren't exactly thrilled by his comments.

To be fair to #RickiHall, he does look like he's taken inspiration from my daughter's colouring in.

I used to want an end to homelessness but, if that happened, where would #RickiHall get his style tips from?

Some compared the interview with the movie Zoolander.

Homeless people can put anything together and it just works model Ricki Hall @TheSTMagazine via @JessRuston @NivenJ1

"Have you wondered if there was more to life other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?" #RickiHall

“@JessRuston: Wow 'model Ricki Hall', your A Life in the Day really is special. ” DERELICTE!

Hall also told the Sunday Times about his current style, describing it as "gothic and bohemian, like vibrant Russell Brand with paisley".

And revealed that experimentation with his look has cost him followers on Instagram – he once lost 1,500 after painting his nails black.

Hall maintains that he is not a "hipster", and that he actually hates the word.

And some Twitter users were inclined to agree.

@TheSTMagazine @RickiSamHall don't worry mate, i've called you lots of things already this morning, and not one of those was "hipster".

The model has now claimed the Sunday Times misquoted him.

Haha I've been misquoted a few times in the Sunday Times interview. It happens dude 👻