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    23 Things You'll Only Get If You've Ever Had A Personal Trainer

    *Drops bar on foot* "OK three more" *collapses* "Two more reps" *dies* "One more!"

    1. When you decided to get a personal trainer it was probably because you thought "I can't do this on my own, I need someone to make me do it, and do it properly."

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    2. Or maybe you got cornered by a PT at the gym and suddenly you found yourself committed to a package.

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    3. Whatever the reason, you realised pretty quickly that you had signed yourself up to a world of pain.

    4. At your first session you had a consultation where you probably told a few porkies about your fitness.


    "No I eat well" you said through gritted teeth. "Yeah I used to be really fit" you lied.

    5. But your PT soon figured it out real fast.

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    6. Taking your measurements was a daunting process.

    7. And if your trainer was particularly thorough, you experienced the horror of body fat calipers.

    8. Despite the slightly nerve-wracking consultation, you went into your first session feeling pretty motivated.

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    9. Until of course the first session was over, and you were fucking dead.

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    10. You learned pretty quickly that moaning never got you anywhere.


    11. Because your PT would just be like:

    Castle Rock Entertainment

    12. Despite this, you tested them on many occasions.

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    13. But they were always relentless.

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    *Drops bar on foot* "OK three more" *collapses* "Two more reps" *dies* "One more!"

    14. When you found out how much protein you suddenly had to start eating, you couldn't quite cope.

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    Breakfast: Chicken breast. Lunch: Chicken breast. Dinner: Chicken Breast.

    15. And you tried every flavour of protein shake imaginable.

    16. You probably lied to your PT about your diet on several occasions.

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    17. So if your trainer was really invested, they probably caught on and started making you send them every single thing you put in your mouth, just to make sure you weren't fucking it all up.

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    18. At times you dreaded your PT sessions, because you knew it meant being worked to complete exhaustion.


    19. But without fail, every time you finished a session, you left feeling like you'd really achieved something.


    20. You learned how to use all of the complicated-looking equipment you'd always been too scared to try.

    21. And once you started seeing results, you felt even more motivated to push yourself in your sessions.

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    22. Because your trainer always made you feel like you were capable of anything, you now feel way more confident in the gym.


    23. And even though a PT session always feels like the hardest thing in the world, you know you're definitely working towards being the strongest version of yourself.

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