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    19 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Dating Someone Who Goes To The Gym

    While they're at the gym for three hours you're in bed. Eating chips.

    1. Your S.O. is always trying to get you to go to the gym with them.

    2. Especially on the weekends.

    3. And they're always insanely chirpy when they get back from a morning session.

    4. Sometimes you think that they love the gym more than you.

    5. Because they're always spending so much time there.

    6. So even though you hate the gym, you try to go along just to spend some quality time with your S.O.

    When your girlfriend goes to the gym with you>>

    7. When you're there you spend most of the time complaining.

    8. And trying to understand your S.O.'s workout face.

    9. Sometimes eating out can be a challenge because they're always on a special diet.

    10. And they're forever fiddling with their "gains" calculator to check if something fits into their "macros".

    11. Once a week though, they get a cheat meal and it legit saves your relationship.

    12. The snacks they eat are dangerously misleading.

    13. But the most misleading of all are those milkshakes they always seem to be drinking.

    14. They do know how to make pretty good ~healthy~ versions of your favourite foods, though.

    15. And perhaps more importantly, they have an endless supply of tupperware.

    16. They basically inspire you (sometimes) to strive for more.

    17. Because how could they not when they look this amazing?

    18. Even though you disagree on how you should spend your Sunday mornings, you know your differences are what makes your relationship work.

    Opposites attract : boyfriend goes to the gym, I take a nap 😴💤

    19. And that you're nevertheless, perfect swolemates.