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    21 Things You'll Only Get If Your Sibling Lives Far, Far Away

    Have you Skyped Mum and Dad yet?

    1. Spending the holidays without them is just horrible.

    2. So sometimes you have to get creative in order to feel like they're there.

    3. When your family is together for the holidays though, it's extra special.

    4. And when you go to visit your sibling it feels like a vacation.

    Remee Patel

    5. Sometimes you just miss your sibling so much.

    6. Especially when your parents are driving you mad.

    7. So you like to keep your sibling well informed of important family events.

    8. However, you're always having to reminding them to call home.

    Remee Patel

    9. And passing on your parents' messages.

    Remee Patel

    10. Because let's face it, the old folks aren't so hot with technology.

    Remee Patel

    11. You're always using social media to keep up with each other's lives.

    12. Because almost every attempt to Skype goes like this:

    13. Or this:

    14. But when it does actually work, it's glorious.

    15. Because it's the closest thing you've got to being with them.

    16. The time difference is always a sad reminder of how far away from each other you are.

    17. And it's a sad truth that because of that distance, you might not be there for some of the most important moments in their lives.

    18. When they're coming back to visit you ALWAYS do a countdown.

    19. And you stock up on all of their favourite things.

    Remee Patel

    20. When they have to leave you know it will be forever until you see them again.

    21. But you know that no matter what the distance, you'll always be connected.

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