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    Posted on May 8, 2017

    21 Things You'll Only Get If You've Done Tough Mudder

    A lot of mud, sweat, and tears.

    1. When you first signed up it was possible you weren't entirely sure what you'd gotten yourself into.

    Remee Patel / Jacoblund / Getty Images

    2. Or maybe you were roped in by your one very enthusiastic friend who confused you by being so excited.


    3. Once you found out what you were actually in for, you told everyone you knew, hoping for encouragement and reassurance you could do it.

    Remee Patel/ Gradyreese / Getty Images

    4. Despite realising how tough Tough Mudder was going to be, you probably didn't do the training you were supposed to do.

    About to run 10 miles for tough mudder hungover af 💀

    Shoutout to all my Tough Mudderers who got pissed the night before.

    5. On the day you felt a bit nervous, but it was okay because your one enthusiastic friend forced you to get excited.


    6. Once you got started you felt pretty energised and hopeful...until you realised that there was going to be a lot of running.

    Channel 4

    7. And as you passed the kids' obstacle course, you found yourself wishing you were on that one instead.

    Best of Mud Mile Presented by #LilCritters #MiniMudder

    8. Despite feeling like you might die about ten minutes in, you were determined to look strong and tough for the cameraman at the obstacles.

    9. But there were some obstacles so frightening, you just couldn't hide your fear.

    10. It seemed that every time you finished an obstacle, a very large hill awaited you as some kind of sick reward.


    11. And at times your body just didn't know what the fuck was going on and would work against you.

    12. The half-pipe towards the end was probably the challenge you really had to brace yourself for, because the likelihood of faceplanting was very high.

    13. But you knew that no matter what your body or mind did, there would always be a load of people just waiting to help you get through the challenge.

    14. When you crossed the finish line you felt a great sense of achievement and pride.

    15. And it seemed that cider never tasted so good.

    16. The amount of mud you were caked in was next level.

    Remee Patel / BuzzFeed

    17. So it was likely you had to say goodbye to your trainers here.

    18. The day after the event you really noticed how much you had put your body through.

    Remee Patel / BuzzFeed

    You were pretty damn sore, but pretty damn proud.

    19. And if you went into work the next day, you were pretty much just dead the entire time.

    Remee Patel/ Xixinxing / Getty Images

    20. When you were finally able to be human around other humans again, Tough Mudder was all you could talk about.

    Remee Patel / Minerva Studio / Getty Images

    21. Because even though it was pretty gruelling, pretty gross, and you're still not quite sure how you survived, you know did yourself so proud.

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