21 Things You'll Only Get If You're Slightly Obsessed With True Crime

    *Watches documentary about Ted Bundy* *Immediately does a Google image search*

    1. You've always had a morbid fascination with crime stories.

    2. But you find them especially thrilling when they are true crime stories.

    3. You accept that it's odd your favourite way to unwind is to learn about cases of violent crime.

    4. So there's nothing more exciting than meeting another true crime aficionado who doesn't think your hobbies are weird.

    5. When it comes to true crime cases, you soak up every bit of information like a sponge.

    6. So you sometimes fantasise about taking a degree in criminology.

    7. Because then you might be able to actually justify all the time you spend watching crime documentaries...

    If I could only put that energy and time I used to binge watch Making a Murderer into actually becoming a better human being.

    8. ...listening to podcasts...

    I'm gonna start listening to casefile podcasts again here we go dangerrrr

    9. ...and reading nonfiction crime books.

    10. You feel pangs of jealousy when you meet someone who hasn't listened to your favourite podcast yet.

    11. You found the second season of Serial to be heartbreakingly disappointing.

    12. Because even though it's awful, you think that if a case is about fraud or something not very scary, it's not really worth your time.

    13. Because the more fucked-up and murdery a story is, the more fascinated you are.

    14. As soon as you learn about a case, you immediately google the people and evidence.

    15. Because you have to know every detail, especially what the criminals look like.

    16. You get actual chills when you see this at the start of what you think is a regular movie:

    17. A part of you hates it if a story has no conclusion.

    18. But another part of you is secretly glad, because it means you were destined to solve it.

    19. So you often find yourself in forums discussing theories about what might have actually happened.

    20. Because you know about so many horrible cases, you freak yourself out on a regular basis.

    21. But that is never enough to stop you from being the secret detective/pathologist/DNA expert you feel you were destined to be.