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18 Things You'll Only Understand If You Fucking Love Ankle Boots

All other shoes can get the boot, tbh.

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1. Shopping for ankle boots is a bit of a nightmare because, well, you want them ALL.

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2. Mainly because ankle boots are so goddamn versatile, you can wear them with anything.

3. Ankle boots are the best because they are stylish and comfy.

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4. But they are also high fashion AF.

5. Ankle boots just have a way of making you feel extra special.

Obsessed with my new RED Ankle boots. Everywhere we shall goooo #Myers #ThanksToMyMr #LoveLoveLove

6. So it is genuinely possible to fall in love with a pair.

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7. Which is often a painful experience because they're usually so goddamn expensive.

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8. But is understandable since some are literally works of art.

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9. You can't pass a shop window without feeling a deep, emotional connection to a pair of ankle boots.

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10. So when you have to part with a pair in the summer, and wear sandals instead, it's the worst.

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11. It's never long before you find yourself wearing them again though, regardless of how hot it is.

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12. Because it's actually really damn hard to find a good ankle shoe-boot.

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These beauties are rare.

13. It annoys you that you have to wait until Autumn/Winter to see the best ankle boot collections.

14. You probably have an ankle boot in every shade possible.

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15. And you most definitely have several pairs in black.

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16. Every time you get a new pair, you can't help but show them off immediately.

17. Because they just take any outfit to the next level.

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18. Basically, no other shoe can satisfy you like an ankle boot can.

All other shoes can get the boot.
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All other shoes can get the boot.