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    18 Things You'll Only Understand If You Fucking Love Ankle Boots

    All other shoes can get the boot, tbh.

    1. Shopping for ankle boots is a bit of a nightmare because, well, you want them ALL.

    2. Mainly because ankle boots are so goddamn versatile, you can wear them with anything.

    3. Ankle boots are the best because they are stylish and comfy.

    4. But they are also high fashion AF.

    5. Ankle boots just have a way of making you feel extra special.

    Obsessed with my new RED Ankle boots. Everywhere we shall goooo #Myers #ThanksToMyMr #LoveLoveLove

    6. So it is genuinely possible to fall in love with a pair.

    7. Which is often a painful experience because they're usually so goddamn expensive.

    8. But is understandable since some are literally works of art.

    9. You can't pass a shop window without feeling a deep, emotional connection to a pair of ankle boots.

    10. So when you have to part with a pair in the summer, and wear sandals instead, it's the worst.

    11. It's never long before you find yourself wearing them again though, regardless of how hot it is.

    12. Because it's actually really damn hard to find a good ankle shoe-boot.

    13. It annoys you that you have to wait until Autumn/Winter to see the best ankle boot collections.

    14. You probably have an ankle boot in every shade possible.

    15. And you most definitely have several pairs in black.

    16. Every time you get a new pair, you can't help but show them off immediately.

    17. Because they just take any outfit to the next level.

    18. Basically, no other shoe can satisfy you like an ankle boot can.