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19 Reasons Why We Should Fucking Appreciate Cold Weather

Because you can't be cosy when it's hot outside.

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2. And there's absolutely none of this "summer body" shit.

You couldn't possibly cope in the cold without creamy, cheesy, carby meals. It's, like, a basic requirement when the weather turns cold.


5. Having a hot cup of tea just doesn't feel the same in the summer.

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6. And you can't enjoy a toasty fire when it's hot outside, can you?

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7. Sure, you'll stay in a lot more. But tell me exactly what's wrong with that?

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8. Nothing. Nothing is wrong with that.

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11. How about some warming mulled booze?

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12. There's nothing more pleasurable than reading a good book while the rains falls outside your window.

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13. Unless of course, you're spending countless hours in a warm pub.

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14. Or in little a café watching the world go by.

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15. It's cold outside, yes, but isn't it also just fucking magical?

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