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19 Things You'll Only Get If You Have Zero Willpower

*vows to eat healthier* *sees 2-4-1 offer on Domino's and takes it as a sign*

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1. Removing or hiding all temptation is key to your success because you have little self-control.

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2. And if that's not entirely possible, then you find creative ways to prevent yourself from giving in.

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4. And you can't resist a good motivational quote.

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Shame it means fuck all.

6. On social media you make a big deal out of your new commitments so you can hold yourself accountable.

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7. And because you have zero willpower you often rely on others to keep you in check.


11. You've also learnt that you can't be around certain people...people just like you.

Me: We really need to start eating better. Husband: Yep. M: H: M: H: M: H: M: H: Me: Wanna just have nachos for dinner? Husband: YES.

12. You've researched all there is around willpower and motivation but nothing has helped.


Turns out you have no willpower or motivation to find willpower and motivation.


13. So you do what most people do and pretend that everything is fine.

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