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    18 Things Only People With An Immature Sense Of Humour Get

    You still laugh at the number 69.

    1. You're always finding little ways to entertain yourself.

    2. And it doesn't take much for something to amuse you.

    You can call my sense of humor immature all you want. This was funny.

    3. People often describe you as having a dirty mind.

    4. Probably because you're always drawing penises on things.

    5. Everywhere you go there is always something that appeals to your inappropriate side.

    6. Because you see things not everyone else sees.

    7. Or at least you see what you want to see.

    8. Anything remotely crude has you in stitches.

    9. Especially anything to do with farts.

    10. Or a particular number...

    11. You can never be left to your own devices.

    12. But you do know how to keep things interesting.

    13. Even if something is serious, you just can't help seeing the funny side.

    14. Because you'll practically explode if you have to keep an inappropriate joke to yourself.

    15. Things that you found funny at school are still hilarious to you now.

    16. And you have mad respect for people who think the way you do.

    17. People thinking your humour is stupid doesn't faze you.

    18. Because at the end of the day: