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18 Things Only People Who Hate Sunbathing Will Understand

Tanning with your friends = watching them sleep.

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1. When it comes to sunbathing, you'd much rather stay in the shade.

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2. Because for one thing, you cannot bear the heat of the sun.


3. If you have sensitive skin, you avoid purposely baking yourself in the sun for good reason.


4. And if you already have a natural tan, getting one is just not on your priority list.


5. You're always waiting for your friends to realise how boring sunbathing is.

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6. And you practically spend most of the summer just watching them sleep.

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7. So you always have to find ways to keep yourself entertained.

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8. You'd much rather have fun in the pool than lay poolside.

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9. And you're definitely far more interested in exploring the sea than just looking at it.

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10. So sometimes you're forced to go on a solo adventure.

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11. The only kind of sunbathing that remotely appeals to you is lying in a half-sunny hammock.

Because hammocks are the shit. Anyone can get down with hammocks.
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Because hammocks are the shit. Anyone can get down with hammocks.

12. It seems like only children feel your sunbathing pain.

They hate it just as much as you do.
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They hate it just as much as you do.

13. But unlike them, you can't throw a tantrum about it, so you end up internalising all of your frustrations.

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Which may or may not lead to you never going on holiday with your friends ever again.

14. Sometimes you'll try to compromise and spice up the sunbathing session with some ~additions~.

15. To which the usual response is:

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16. You'd rather your friends sunbathe in their own time.


18. And you just have far better things to do with your summer.

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